3 reasons to move to Nolensville

If you are looking to relocate to Nolensville, then you might already have some impression of the place. However, there is a lot more to know about this Nashville suburb. It has plenty on offer, for those that are smart enough to look deeper. If you end up relocating to Nolensville and need a mover to assist you with the process, Big Heart Moving Company is there to help! We can make the process extremely easy and smooth, all the while providing you with affordable services. We want you to start your new life on the right foot, after all, and we will do everything in our power to make it happen! But for now, this article is going to present you with the main draws of this beautiful suburb which will form the reasons to move to Nolensville!

Top 3 reasons to move to Nolensville!

The main things that newcomers are looking at are:

  1. Housing options
  2. Great place for families
  3. Public schools

There are many other great things about Nolensville, as well. Working in this suburb is really great, with median household income ranging around $120,000! It is a small town, though, with most of its residents having at least a bachelor’s degree. Even the movers Spring Hill TN have bachelor’s degrees in several fields! But they enjoy relocating families and seeing the smiles on their faces, as well. The town has plenty of charm, too, and there are no huge corporations that “own” the town. It is a really friendly place where you can live in peace that a small town offers but be really close to the large city, as well. But let’s look at the prime quality that draws so many people to here:

1. Housing options

There are plenty of homes for sale in this suburb. The median home value is around $425,000, which looks pretty steep at a glance. However, the homes here are quite spacious, with plenty of yard space. Of course, there are smaller houses that go for much less, too. But the main thing that draws people here is that most of these houses have owners living in them.  The percentage of people renting out a place here is below 10%, a fact that Nolensville TN movers can attest to. And what that means is that the people in Nolensville are going to be much more concerned and involved with the community. This is a small place but is definitely not a “ghost town” where everything is quiet. It is peaceful, yes, but the people here love to talk and share their experiences as well as help others adapt.

beautiful white house
There are many wonderful homes for sale in Nolensville.

2. One of the top reasons to move to Nolensville – Great place for families

Moving on, let’s see several of the key facts that speak to how great Nolensville is for families. First off, it was voted #2 place in entire Tennessee to raise a family. Additionally, it is also the #2 best place to buy a house in Tennessee, as well as the #2 place with the best public schools. All of these rankings are from 2020, btw. Now, you might think “But why not go to the #1 place instead?”. The reason is that there is no other place in the entire state that offers this unique mix of benefits for families. In fact, residential movers from the entire state say that from all the similar places, Nolensville garners the most interest. The safety factor is not bad, either. It is well below the national average, and even below the average of small towns.

3. Public schools

But the cream of the crop goes to public schools. While there is a lot here to interest a family, the education of their children has to be #1. Nolensville has numerous outstanding schools, such as Nolensville Elementary School and the Sunset Middle School. Your children will get an amazing education from start to finish here! You will not need to consider private schooling, although it is also available. The public schools here really care about education and they will do a great job.

woman writing on a white board
Teachers in Nolensville schools really love their jobs.

Other reasons to move to Nolensville!

Apart from these main three “draws”, here are some of the other benefits that Nolensville offers:

  • Health and fitness
  • Jobs
  • Outdoor activities
  • Nightlife

Health and fitness

There are a lot of places to jog and work out. You can do all of your exercises outdoors, as Nolensville has plenty of space for you to do so. Apart from that, you will not need to worry about too many emissions, the air in this town is a lot cleaner than in many other Tennessee towns. There are several gyms where you can do your workouts, as well, which can provide personal trainers for your convenience. It is a small town but when it comes to fitness, Nolensville can really deliver!


The job situation in this suburb is great. As the cost of living is considerably lower than in the large cities, finding a job that can provide for your family is a lot easier, as well. However, you do need to see if your particular field of expertise is required or if you will need to adjust to the options that are available. There is work for you, but it is never guaranteed that you will get exactly what you want, straight away.

male and female sitting,working
Finding a job in Nolensville is not hard. But you might need to compromise.

Outdoor activities

Being a suburb means that there is a lot of space for outdoor activities. Camping, hiking, picnicking, are some of the great things that you can partake of. Of course, there is also a lot of interest in various outdoor sports, as well. If you are an outdoors type of person, you will be right at home in Nolensville!


Now, the nightlife of Nolensville is nothing to write home about, to be completely honest. There are some options but they may soon become stale, that is just how it is with rural places. However, you are within easy reach of Nashville, which has all the nightlife you may ask for. In that regard, you can say that Nolensville nightlife is amazing since you can “borrow” from Nashville! Of course, that is only if you are comfortable with making a 30min trip every time you want to have some night fun.


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