4 hidden costs of moving and way to avoid them

There are two things relocations are not. They are not simple and they are very much not cheap. Even the local relocation will cost you around 700 dollars, with the long distance relocations going up to 4000! Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to try and save money wherever it is possible during the long planning and execution of the move. That is exactly what this article is trying to help you with. We are, of course, turning our attention to a very specific kind of cost. That would be the hidden costs of moving. Those which don’t seem to be so clearly defined when trying to plan out your moving budget. They are also those who will pack the nastiest surprise if nothing else then because you failed to expect them. Therefore, let us dive right in!

First among hidden costs of moving – forgetting utilities and memberships

It would stand to reasons that, when talking about the hidden costs of moving, we should talk about the cost of the Nolensville TN movers or the move itself. But, rather, we will start with the cost that will occur before the moving day. This is due to the fact that moving itself takes a lot more time than the one day it takes to load the packaged items onto a truck and relocate them. No, the moving process requires a lot of planning and preparation as well, taking up to 10 weeks before the move itself.

hidden costs of moving - mesuring tools and coins
Where to be careful?

It is for that reason that we start with the costs that can happen if you don’t plan out your move. When you are relocating, you need to be very careful to make sure that you are completely cut from the last place you owned. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are not making utility payments for the home and that you have canceled memberships to any organizations that are limited to that place or city. That way, when movers Fairview TN come to move you, you will truly be moving away in earnest.

Additional services you can hire

Moving companies Tenessee will offer more than just their basic services. Almost all movers will. They will offer additional services that can include a wide range of various things movers will do to help you. For example, movers might offer to install your tv, pack your things, disassemble your furniture, relocate your piano etc. These cost extra.

a tv and a contoler
Appliance installation and other additional services can cost you

That means that when you receive the moving quote or estimate, these are often not included. However, clear communication is a good way to know the cost here. Your movers should not include any additional services without your permission, so simply make sure to review the final price before the move, additional services included.

Furthermore, one of the additional, well, not quite service, but rather coverage, is insurance. Insurance will guarantee that, should something unexpected happen to your possession, you are not the one stuck with the bill.

Parking, fuel, and the rest

While your movers Columbia TN will be relocating your stuff, they will not actually be driving you around. That means that you do have a list of things that you need to add ontu the projected price of the move. Things like gas, parking, hotels, etc. Make sure that these fit your budget!

Bad movers!

Last, but definitely not least, is the importance of having reliable movers. No doubt you have at least once heard of a true moving horror story. The one where the movers “renegotiate the price”. There are a lot of different ways that can go, but all have one in common. If you didn’t change anything from your side of the deal, any “renegotiation of the price” is illegal. There are those moving companies that are ready to do this, and they are pretty much just scams.

These malicious companies can also try and do other things, even more obviously a crime. There are reports of movers refusing to bring the possessions, extorting the client into a higher payment. There are also those cases where some of the stuff goes missing or rather stolen.

Therefore, it can definitely be said that the tone of the hidden costs of moving can lie behind the curtain of moving companies’ operations. Those costs can also be the highest and most bitter to pay.


highway both ways
Avoid bad movers or they will cost you!

It is for that reason that we will help you avoid scam companies. That way you can avoid any cost that would come from malicious intent. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking for a reputable moving company.

  • Registered – While for local relocations this is not necessarily a must, it is always preferable that the company is registered with the FMCSA. That way you can see their record online and have certain guarantees that should protect you from the hidden costs of moving.
  • Well reviewed – It would also be best if the moving company in question is well-reviewed. That way you have clear proof that they are reliable and professional and can see if there were any cases of bad communication or unexpected costs during the relocation process.
  • Appropriate cost – Furthermore, you should make a selection based on the moving estimate that the company offers you. That way you will know what kind of a cost to expect.

Good luck with your move!

This has been our guide for avoiding unnecessary and otherwise hidden costs of moving. All that is left is to quickly summarise what we have talked about. So, for the recap, we will put the importance of a good mover first, followed closely by a good grasp on what comprises the price of the relocation. As for the rest, make sure you take into account all the factors we talked about and if and how much they relate to your case. That way you will be able to get a solid number you can expect and avoid unseen costs of moving. Good luck!


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