How to pack and move expensive rugs

Learning the proper way to pack all the different items in your household can be overwhelming. It is especially stressful when you have some valuable items or items you are emotionally attached to. Damaging such belongings can be heartbreaking, not to mention the financial losses you could suffer. That’s why we are here to share the very best tips on how to pack and move expensive rugs. If you have one or more pricey Persian rugs, you know how easy it is to damage them. These carpets are hand-woven and usually very heavy so there are a few tricks to packing them properly when you move. If you are moving with some of the best movers in Nashville area, you can relax because they know how to handle all kinds of items professionally.

Pack and move expensive rugs easily with our tips

Packing expensive carpets can be tricky, and you want to do it properly to avoid damaging them. Here are the basic steps to packing a Persian rug safely:

  • know your carpets’ worth
  • get your rugs professionally cleaned
  • determine the direction of the rug grain
  • fold and roll your expensive carpet carefully
  • tie and wrap the rug
Persian rugs on sale
Learn the best ways to pack and move expensive rugs with a few simple tips.

Know how much your carpets are worth

Knowing the exact or approximate value of your rug is very important when moving. You want your rugs appraised if they’re the high-quality Oriental rugs that cost a fortune. That way, you’ll know what kind of insurance is best to get. Don’t even think about moving before getting any valuable items you have properly insured. Tennessee long distance moving companies offer moving insurance, but when it comes to something as expensive as a Persian rug, moving insurance alone is not enough. Although the chances of any mishaps with reputable movers are minimal, it’s better to be safe than sorry and pay for adequate insurance before your relocation. The investment is well worth the money, we promise.

Take your Oriental rug to a professional cleaner’s

Cleaning your carpets is a given when you move. Who wants to unroll a dusty rug in their new home, right? However, when it comes to pricey, Persian rugs it’s best to take them to a professional cleaner and let them do the hard work. The experts will know how to take the best care of such intricate pieces as Oriental carpets usually are. You could choose the wrong cleaning solution, or be too harsh and damage the grain of the carpet. Such mistakes don’t happen with professional cleaning services. At the end of the day, it’s more affordable to pay for carpet cleaning services than to have to buy a whole new Persian rug. However, plan your carpet cleaning ahead of time, don’t wait for a couple of days before the move to do it! If you organize most of your relocation last minute, it’s possible that in the haste of moving you’ll even forget the rugs altogether!

Oriental carpet is the reason why you'll have to learn how to pack and move expensive rugs
With every Oriental rug, there is a smooth direction and a textured one.

Determine the direction of your Persian rug pile

This step is crucial when it comes to packing an expensive, Persian rug properly. If you are not sure what the rug pile or grain even is, we are here to help. Take a good look at your carpet and sweep your hand across it. When you swipe your hand in one direction, you should feel a smooth surface underneath your palm. And, when you swipe in the opposite direction, there should be some resistance and more texture. The smooth direction is the direction of your rug pile. You want to fold or roll your carpets opposite the pile at all times. Not doing so can cause indents and damage the intricate weave of the rug, which is irreparable.

Fold and roll your rug carefully!

Once your carpet is clean and you have determined the direction of the grain, it’s time to pack it! Whether you are moving or packing your rugs for storage units Kingston Springs TN offers, you want to be very careful with how you do it. First off, if your Persian rug is not very large, it’s best to just roll it up. Folding Oriental rugs is not recommended, but with the very large ones, it’s necessary. Before you start rolling or folding the carpet, turn it upside down. This is important to prevent the stretching of the foundation of the carpet. For large rugs, it’s best to have someone help you turn them upside down and fold them. After the turning, you need to fold the rug into thirds. Remember to always fold and roll against the grain! Then, fold the rug over itself, and finally roll it into a tight bundle.

Persian rug
Turning your Persian rug upside down is crucial.

Tie and wrap the rug

Now that you’ve decided on the best time to move and your rug is folded and rolled, it’s time to tie it up. Take two pieces of string and tie the rug bundle near the ends. Be careful not to tie it too tight! You just want to prevent your carpet from unfolding, and by tying it too tight you risk damaging your priceless possession. When it comes to wrapping the rug, you don’t want to use plastic wrap. For packing expensive rugs, you need good quality packing paper or brown paper.

Consider professional services to provide the best care for your expensive carpets

Booking professional packing services Nashville has to handle your relocation is the safest way to pack and move expensive rugs. Although not everyone can work professional moving and packing services into their budget, this investment pays itself off. Packing experts know the proper way to handle both cheap throw rugs as well as extremely pricey Persian carpets. Put your trust and your carpets into the hands of professionals and you’ll see that stress-free moving is possible. Don’t wait any longer, find your ideal movers as soon as possible and experience an enjoyable relocation!

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