How to pack office equipment when moving

Expanding your business and moving to a bigger office is a huge success, congratulations! When it comes to office relocations, the key is to be careful with packing since we all know how costly all the equipment is. You also need to keep in mind all the confidential information on the paperwork and protect your security. Luckily, with the moving companies Nashville offers, it’s easy to move a business seamlessly. It’s best to leave the packing to the professionals, but if you decided to pack your office on your own, you’ll need some guidance and tips. We are sharing the best ways to pack office equipment when moving. Your business will be ready for relocation in no time with a few simple steps.

Securely pack office equipment when moving your business to a new location

Moving your office is slightly more complicated than moving a house due to all the sensitive data and fragile electronics that come with every business. To make it easier on yourself, the best thing would be to hire the commercial movers Nashville has at its disposal. However, if you want the movers just to help with the actual moving part while you do the packing, there are a few simple steps to follow. To ensure your office relocation is seamless:

  • sort through your paperwork
  • get the right packing materials
  • be careful when packing electronics
  • decide whether it pays off to move all the furniture to the new office
hands of business people getting ready to pack office equipment when moving
Learn how to pack office equipment when moving with our tips for a seamless relocation experience.

Sort through your paperwork

Your office is the place where all your business files are. Some of those are strictly confidential, as we all know. That’s why it’s extremely important to go through your paperwork and secure confidential files even if you are hiring moving services Nashville offers. You don’t want to move all the documents you have in your office, of course. Surely there are many that are outdated and you don’t need them anymore. Throw out any paperwork that is no longer necessary, and make sure to shred (!) all the old confidential files. What’s left will be your most important paperwork and books, and you will need good sturdy boxes to pack those properly. Books and papers add up in weight easily, so make sure you double tape the bottom of the boxes and never use flimsy ones for that purpose. When it comes to packing confidential files, it may be best you leave them in your cabinet drawers locked up and make sure the keys are with you at all times.

Get the right packing materials

When moving an office, you want to make sure to get the best, most protective packing supplies. Opting for sturdy cardboard boxes, plastic bins, packing tape and lots of bubble wrap is essential. If you are not getting the packing services Nashville offers, having good packing materials on hand when moving an office is the key to success. Your office has a lot of fragile equipment. That is why you want to be extra careful when packing everything. However, having high-quality packing materials is just half of the story. The other half is making sure you pack everything properly. That’s the only way to ensure no damage to your office equipment.

Be careful when packing electronic devices

We all know that businesses require electronics to function. When you relocate your office space, you need to make sure to pack the electronic devices properly. Due to their fragile nature, it’s very easy to damage them. That’s why you’ll need the most protective packing materials. You want to start off by unplugging all the devices. To not get the cables all mixed up, take photos before unplugging everything. You can also separate the cables for each device in a ziplock bag, and tape the bag to the device that the cables belong to.

The next step is packing. Pad your boxes abundantly with bubble wrap before you put the electronics in. You will also wrap each piece of your electronic equipment in packing paper and bubble wrap. Remember to protect the corners with styrofoam pieces! Put the wrapped device in the padded box and top it off with more bubble wrap. Make sure there is no wiggle room in the box, that’s crucial.

laptops on a table
Electronic devices are fragile and you must pack them carefully.

Decide whether it pays off to move the furniture

When it comes to moving office furniture, that can be a bit of a pickle. Office furniture is often heavy and bulky, but also expensive. Although you can dismantle your office chairs, think well before doing so. It can be cheaper to sell the furniture you have and buy a new one for your new workspace. Desks in particular are heavy and easily damaged. If you are not emotionally attached to the furniture you have in your office now, consider selling it and refreshing your new office space with some brand new furniture.

Office desk and a chair
Office furniture is expensive to move, it might be best to sell it and get a new one.

Office relocations are best left in the skilled hands of commercial movers

Moving your business to a new location is no easy task. Though you may try to pack office equipment when moving, your safest bet is to hire professionals. Commercial movers are trained to handle and pack fragile office equipment in the best way possible. Moving services are well worth investing your money in. Why not ensure the best treatment for your business equipment if you have the chance? Not only will you minimize the possibility of anything getting damaged or lost, but your business will be moved in a matter of hours. We all know how important it is to relocate a business with minimal downtime. With reputable commercial movers, your relocation will fly by. Your business will be ready at its new location in the shortest amount of time possible!

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