How to pack your bathroom before moving

Are you wondering how you will pack your bathroom before moving? That is a pretty important question. When you are moving house you have to, essentially, pack room by room. The bathroom is definitely among the last, if not the last, the room you pack and the first one you really want to reassemble once you are at your desired location. This has pretty obvious logic behind it. The bathroom is an important room you need to use regularly so the lack of one would seriously impede the finishing process of moving in. That would be after the moving day. Therefore, if you are to move, you need to make sure that you know exactly how to manage bathroom relocation. And, of that, you have come to the right place! Here we will discuss all that you possibly need to know about bathroom relocation.

Materials to help you pack your bathroom before moving

If you are using the services of any movers Brentwood TN, you will most likely have the option of having additional services that you can utilize for an additional fee. They are a great way to get yourself free from some of the more complicated, taxing, or stressful parts of the relocation is to lend them to your mover. More often than not, this includes packing. However, sometimes, in order to save money or simply because we have time, we choose to do it by ourselves. Movers are then only responsible for actually loading whatever it is that we, or rather you, have packed. So, if you pay a mover to pack the items for you, they will be sure to bring packing material and other necessities. If you, however, choose to do it by yourself, you will need to get those materials independently.

cardboard boxes - pack your bathroom before moving
Where to get packing supplies

The good news is that packing materials are not really all that expensive. It is actually rather easy to come by them. Sometimes they are even free! Packing materials can be found in many places. If you are up for a walk, go to your local shops. Anything from pet shops, to drugstores, retails, etc… If not them, supermarkets have tons of cardboard they have absolutely no use for. Furthermore, you can also simply ask online for free packing material. eBay offers free packing supplies in most places, so you will definitely find something.

And even when it is no free, packing material is pretty cheap when cardboard boxes and crunched paper is concerned. However, when you are moving bathroom elements, you will also need to make sure that the boxes are actually up to the task. Bathroom elements are not exactly easy to move. Some are chemicals that will need additional wrapping, others are sensitive mirrors, medicine, curtains, etc… All in all, you will need a pretty wide array of packing supplies to be successful in your attempts. Make sure you are stocked for your relocation with movers Franklin TN.

Medicine transportation

When you pack your bathroom before moving, you will need to figure out how to transport the medicine before relocating with the help of movers Columbia TN. Therefore, let us now talk about medicine relocation.

First off, make sure to check if it is legal for the medication to cross over the border if you are going overseas. Most customs will not allow some particular medication, so be sure to do your research. Furthermore, make sure that the medication is kept at the temperature that is recommended by the label. If your medication has any of the following issues, you should throw them away:

  • Expiry date – If the medication you are going to move when you pack your bathroom before moving has expired, throw it away. Any expired medication can be hazardous to your health
  • Problems with the label – If the label is missing or is unreadable, that is a good sign that you should throw that medication out.
  • Change in appearance or effect – Any medicine that changes appearance, smell, taste, or has some new effects should be thrown right away. Contact your doctor as well!

Moving mirrors and toiletries

When you are packing your bathroom before moving with movers in Nashville are you definitely need to pack the bathroom mirror. When moving mirrors, you need the helping hands of a friend. Mirrors are not easy to handle, are not particularly light either, with added bonus of being very, very easy to break. Therefore, make sure to clean it properly, wrap it up in cushioning material, and then wrap it again with a harder material, like paper or even sheets of cardboard. Be sure it is rested on its side in the truck, and that it has no place to move.

bathroom mirrors
How to handle bathroom mirrors?

As for toiletries, be sure to pack some of those in your essentials back. That way, wherever it may be that you are going, you will always be assured that no unexpected brake will catch you off guard.

Disinfecting after the move

In the days of a global pandemic, you should also be disinfecting your home before and after the move. Therefore, be sure to prepare masks and gloves for the job.

Spraying alchohol
Come prepared for disinfection!

It is very important that the bathrooms are as hygienic as possible. Use soap and water and alcohol-based disinfectants, and throw away gloves after use.

In summary

As you are now aware of, to pack your bathroom before moving is not that complicated. It, however, does require time, so we will, for the conclusion, once more remind you that you should start early. It is hard to prepare all of the bathrooms for packing since you will be using them until the very last day. However, once the packing does being, do give it the necessary attention. While it can be straightforward enough, it does require time. So, be sure to have time to pack your bathroom. Plan it out! And, if possible, you should strive to disassemble and pack what you can before the moving day. That would include drapes, mirrors, some elements, etc… Everything nonessential…



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