How to prepare your kitchen for moving day

Packing your home for the move is a process that will require your full attention. Especially when you are talking about moving your kitchen. Packing all the elements and items can be stressful if you do not know how to do it properly. You can break a lot of valuable items if you don’t have enough experience with it. This is why we will tell you how to properly prepare your kitchen for moving day with ease. By reading our guidelines, you will know how to prepare each item in your kitchen for transportation.

What to do before you prepare your kitchen for moving day

As the moving day approaches, moving anxiety can get us good. Especially if we have to prepare our kitchen for relocation. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration here. Before you even begin with the preparations, you need to go through every item in your kitchen. Making a list of things you have will make it easier to gather all the packing supplies you will need for your move. Once you make this list, categorize every item on it. Separate large items from small and fragile items. Because you will use different packing materials and packing skills for them.

person making a list in order to prepare your kitchen for moving day
The best way to prepare your kitchen for moving day is to make a list of items

Having good packing materials is important because then you will know your items are safely packed for the move. But, on the other hand, if you want to make it 100% sure that nothing can go wrong, then you should always hire one of the best moving companies Tennessee for your move. Packing your items properly and leaving them for the movers to transport will lower the risk of anything bad happening. 

Get rid of items you don’t need

It is not that uncommon to have more than enough items in your kitchen. Some appliances you do not use anymore, some are maybe broken, etc. And what about those plates? You need to be sure that you will use everything in your kitchen again after you are done moving. If not, then you need to declutter your home before you move. You can get rid of unwanted kitchen items in several ways. Give them to your friends and family as gifts, sell them on Craigslist or throw them away if they do not work anymore. It will help you a lot when you have to pack.

Decluttering your kitchen means that you will have an opportunity to save some money when moving. If you don’t have that many items to transport, the cost of the move won’t be high. And, when you combine that with professional services of affordable local movers Nashville TN then the only thing that can come out of it is a success. There are a lot of mental health benefits of decluttering your home so make sure you do it before the move.

What about packing materials

As far as packing materials go, it is for the best if you have the original packages from your kitchen appliances. They will provide perfect protection while being transported to your new home. However, if you do not have proper original boxes, then you should start searching for them as soon as possible. Sometimes used cardboard boxes are good enough for the move. You can go to your local stores and ask them if they can give you their used boxes. Going on online marketplaces can also speed up the process. But, if you have some items that are new and fragile, then you should opt for buying new packing supplies. You will never know if you will need them for your packing.

Cardboard boxes
Always buy new cardboard boxes for valuable appliances

Sometimes it can be hard to properly pack those kitchen items for the move. And if you don’t want to get them damaged then you will only stress out even more. This is where you need to think about getting professional help. Getting packing services TN will only make everything easier. Because professional movers already know how to pack and move kitchen elements and appliances.

Empty any kitchen appliances you have

If you have some appliances that still have water or oil in them, you should empty them and let them dry. During transportation, a lot of things can happen. And if they tumble around they can easily spill all those liquids in the moving boxes, damaging everything in the van. It is very important to do it because some of the liquids can be hazardous. We are not talking about them leaving some stains that won’t come of. Oil is highly flammable and it can lead to a disaster if you leave it that way. Also, if the appliances are empty, you won’t have any issues packing them for the move.

Moving kitchen appliances can be a hard job. They can be big and very heavy. You need to handle them with care in order not to injure yourself, or get them to drop. And if you are moving with children then you need to be extra careful with what you are doing. Although this may sound like something hard to do, it is easy to make relocation with family safe and easy. Don’t let your kids near those heavy boxes when you are moving them to another place.

Warm-up before handling heavy items

Heavy items can be very tricky to handle. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, you can easily get injured while carrying them. You need to warm up before you pick them up. Always lift with your legs, not your back. That way you will avoid any possible back injury. But, the most important part is doing some easy warm-up exercises before heavy lifting. Doing them will lower the risk of getting injured. 

woman warming up
Warm-up to avoid any injuries

These are the best ways you can prepare your kitchen for moving day. If you follow them through, you won’t have any serious issues when packing and moving your items. If you wish to learn more about the relocation process, we suggest you visit our blog.

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