Mistakes to avoid when moving a piano in Nashville

Unlike packing and moving your household items, when it comes to piano moving you have to be extra careful when doing it. Although they seem big and durable, like every instrument there is, pianos are very sensitive. This something people tend to forget when moving a piano ni Nashville. To make it easier, we wrote a guide you can use while coordinating your move with movers Nashville.  That way you can rest easy knowing your piano is moved safely and without any issues.

Calculate everything before moving a piano in Nashville

Did you know that the quote for the move will be based on a lot of factors? One of these factors includes how many items you are moving, as well as their dimensions. This means that you have to calculate the precise weight, height, length, and other dimensions of your items. Especially when we are talking about pianos. If by any chance you get these numbers wrong, you will probably get your packing supplies in the wrong dimension. This is very important and it is one of the biggest mistakes people make when moving a piano. Movers are really experienced when it comes to piano moving. But, it all falls to know the exact size of it. This will mean a lot to your piano movers Nashville. Especially if you want to let professionals take care of your favorite 88.

a measuring tape you can use when moving a piano in Nashville
Take measures before moving a piano in Nashville

Not taking care of your piano

Don’t think that just because you have a big piano you shouldn’t take good care of it. As we mentioned before, pianos are very delicate. They hold a lot of small parts that can get easily damaged if you stress your instrument too much. And to repair this will cost you a fortune. So, before anything, you need to prepare your piano for the move. The best way you can do this is to keep regular maintenance. And most importantly, never rush things when it comes to piano transportation. Every respectable Nolensville TN movers will tell you that you need to take good care if you wish to properly move your piano. Not only that, but they will certainly offer you their best piano moving services. This can mean a lot if you don’t have any skills or are afraid to move your piano on your own.

Not packing it properly

Every item requires special care and packing skills when moving. And pianos are no different. When moving a piano you need to think about its safety. There are not that many packing supplies you can use for this. Unless you can afford big wooden crates, then you will have to do the following. Get a big blanket or cardboard box that you will dismantle. You will use this as a perfect wrapping material around your piano. It will protect it from any sort of damages that can happen during the move. Not only that, but it will be easier to carry it as well. Use packing rope or straps to tighten the blankets or cardboard still. That way they won’t fall off.

image of a blanket

The most important thing you need to remember is to put your piano on top of something. Never leave the base of the piano hanging out because you can damage your floor. For instance, if you wish to take a rest you would want to put it down. So, the best thing you can do is to place it on the blanket, cardboard, or a wooden crate for that matter. But, sometimes this packing process can take too long. This is why you should think about getting packing services Nashville. Professional and skilled packers will surely take good care of your belongings.

Not using a dolly

Dollies are super effective when you have to move big items that require a lot of strength. If you are lucky enough to live in a house then you need to put your piano on a dolly and just push/pull it to the moving truck. This is a far better option than carrying it. The only problem you might have is to lift the piano. But, if you know the proper ways to lift heavy objects, then you will certainly avoid any kind of moving injuries.

people in a warehouse
Dollies are excellent when moving a piano

Moving a piano through your home can be a very stressful task. Because you will have to think about the safety of all the items in your home, as well as the walls, floors, etc. This is important to protect if you wish to avoid any damages in your home when moving your piano. In return, you will preserve your home and if you are planning to sell it, you won’t have to invest some money into repairs.

Thinking you can do it on your own

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving a piano is to think you can do it by yourself. Pianos are very delicate, and only skilled moving crew can transport them with ease. Because if you move your piano in the wrong way, then you will risk damaging it beyond repair. Not to mention that if you move a piano, you have to leave it to rest for a couple of days. All those vibrations can damage your piano so you need to leave it to rest before using it. Trust us, this is a far better option than buying a new one.

These are the biggest mistakes to avoid when moving a piano in Nashville. If you wish to move your piano in the safest way possible, then this is exactly what you need to do. If you have some other valuable items you want to move safely, then you should visit our blog. There you can find a lot of interesting guidelines you can use when moving.


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