Reasons to hire professionals for a next door move

If you ever moved, it might be obvious to you that relocating is not a simple process. It requires preparation, sometimes for more than two months beforehand. There are possessions to be packed, utilities to be paid, addresses to be changed, etc. All in all, moving requires a lot of work. However, if you are planning on moving a short distance away, you might not feel a need that you need help from professionals. After all, sure, moves are hard, but arent the local ones much easier. Well, local relocations, even the ones that are simply for moving next door, can still present challenges. That is why you should probably hire professionals for the next door move.

It might seem easy, but trust us, you will need all the help you can get!

Differences between local and long-distance moves

So, first off, we need to establish exactly what kind of relocation movers Brentwood TN would be dealing with in your case. In practice, there are really two types of relocations one can find himself in. There is local relocation and long-distance relocation. The long-distance one is comparatively more complicated and requires greater effort and transportation capability. Luckily, if you are moving next door then you are doing the former.

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What is the difference?

Local relocations, even though they are simpler than the two, are still not to be underestimated. You still need movers to do them as they are the ones with tools and skills to relocate the heavy items and move them, even if it is a short distance away. After all, it might feel like it is not that far away, but you probably don’t want to be carrying that sofa all that way…

Calculating the cost

So, if you hiring movers in Nashville area for a next-door move, you will be doing so for the local relocation. They will, after contact, offer you a moving estimate that will project the cost of the move. To understand how the cost is calculated, pay attention to these three factors:

  • Time – This is the most important aspect of the move when you are trying to hire professionals for a next-door move. This is essentially the time that workers will spend on the various actions of your move and in each state, it holds a different value. However, in local relocations, they make up most of the price.
  • Weight and Volume – This one is less important in local relocations. Still, by lowering the amount of stuff moved you will influence the price.
  • Additional Services – Finally, any additional services, such as furniture movers and such, are feed additionally.


Tennessee long distance moving companies and local relocators alike will offer basic insurance. However, the upside of hiring professionals is that you can opt into greater insurance than the basic one, affording yourself safety for your items.


What about insurance?

Of course, insurance costs money, therefore increasing the moving cost. However, not too often opting into insurance is safer and cheaper than not, as basic insurance barely offers pennies per gram of damaged item, regardless of if it was a plastic toy or an antique vase…


If you moving next door, you probably won’t need storage units Kingston springs TN, but packing you need nonetheless. Therefore, let us explain what to focus on when packing. First and foremost, you will need the packing material. For such a short trajectory, you can simply take any packing material, even the free one from local shops or craigslist. Secondly, be sure to find boxes of the right sizes. Finally, disassemble and clean furniture and electronics, and always stack the lighter upon the heavier item, never the other way around…

Hire professionals for a next door move to prevent injuries

One of the reasons you might want to hire professionals for a next-door move is so they can do all the (literary) back-breaking work. Now, we already explained that when you are hiring movers, they can do most of the tasks for you. Yet, it was the measure of convenience and time saving, not that they would be doing something you cant. But now we are talking about a way to prevent the back pain that you might experience if you try lifting all the furniture for yourself.

Yes, it is often said that the movers have the tools to handle most relocation difficulties. They possess cranes that can lower the sofa from the second floor, for example. They also possess all kinds of safety gear like strong footwear and gloves that help defend them from falling furniture and splinters. However, they also possess the necessary know-how to handle your relocation.

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Injuries are possible!

This kind of skill is acquired through years of practice. If you risk doing some of the heavy liftings by yourself, you are doing far more than inconveniencing yourself. You are also endangering yourself and whoever is there to help you. This is because the weight of a bed or a wardrobe is not to be underestimated. Therefore you should hire movers even for a short distance relocation so you can make sure that it is the professionals that will handle all the heavy lifting. That way you know that you are safe and that people who are dealing with the move are trained and safe as well.

In summary

So, let us now summarize what we have discussed here. What are, in the end, the reasons for which you should hire professionals for the next door move? There are many. To prevent injury, to have insurance, to prevent damages, and to do it quickly. But, most of all, it is the convenience that you are going to be paying for if you hire movers for a move around the block. That is not something that we should run from. It is an explanation that is good enough, the reason that can stand on its own. One should want to pay for convenience when he or she is challenged by a process as complicated as relocation…

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