The challenges of moving long distance in Tennessee

To move long distances is always to move more than 4 hours away. Tennessee is not considered to be a very large state, but it sure can have some long-distance tracks, making it possible for you to face moving along distances in Tennessee entirely. However, how are you to deal with them? What are you to look out for when relocating for a long distance, and what are some of the specifics of moving to, from, or within Tennessee. We will cover all of that in this article right here. From the finding of right movers to specifics about long distance relocations, all the way to what to expect if you are moving to Tennessee for the first time. We have it all.

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Find good movers for moving a long distance in Tennessee

There are a lot of Tennessee long distance moving companies that are standing before you. That is because Nashville is currently the most attractive housing market in the United States and is attracting a lot of people. If you are among them, you will be using both old and new moving companies for this long distance relocation. However, when moving a long distance in Tennessee you need to know that you are dealing with someone you can trust. How do you know that? How do you choose among the movers of Tennessee in order to pick the right one?

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Finding good movers online has never been easier

There are plenty of ways one can pick a mover. However, if you are not careful, and only look at one factor, you might find yourself in the hands of an incompetent mover, or worse yet, of scamming one! In order to avoid such a dire scenario, you should first make sure that the movers are licensed. This means that the mover that will take you through the state of Tennessee is a legal company that operates while registered to various movers association. In doing so you are getting something of a quality guarantee.

But that is not enough, you should also check the online reviews in search of a trusted mover with experience and a good track record. Finally, make sure that you are truly getting the best possible services by comparing moving quotes from various companies and picking out the winner!

Finding a good storage space

When moving, it is good to also find storage space. There are a lot of storage units Kingston springs TN you can choose from. Furthermore, almost any town has them, so you will probably be alright wherever you go. Most of the time, movers will offer its storage space. Theirs is best used on a short-term base, in order to better move with ease.

Knowing where you are moving to

Ok, so before you hire long distance moving companies Nashville for your move across the state of Tennesse, you might as well know something about it. Tennessee is the 16th most populous state with its population of little less than 7 000 000 people.

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  • Economy -Tennesse is booming, economically speaking, with a housing market that is truly stable and with a median income of 38 000$. It is also one of the rare states to report a surplus.
  • Education – Tennesse has more than 20 universities and higher education institutions, including the University of Memphis, University of Tennessee Space Institute, Lee University, Crown College, and more.
  • Transportation – If you are moving a long distance in Tennessee you will find that highways of I-240, 440, 840, 140, 640, 26, 24, 65, 75, and 81, etc running through Tennessee will help quite a lot.

Packing for the move

If you want to make moving simple, you can simply hire packing services Nashville and let them do it for you. Yet, if you choose to do it yourself, be sure to remember a few important tips. More often than not, around Tennessee, you can find free moving supplies in shops and on Craiglist. Furthermore, make sure the boxes you are using are waterproof and that they have a little, but not too much, wiggle room (filled with cushioning material). Finally, remember to stack the boxes from the heaviest at the bottom to the lightest one on top!


One of the great ways to have less to pack, and therefore have a simpler and cheaper long-distance relocation in Tennessee is to downsize before the relocation itself. That can be done in many different ways. First of all, you can always simply sell the items you do not wish to keep via a garage sale or online. For example, old furniture, toys, and even appliances can be sold off for a small profit. They are also making the relocation a far simpler affair. Old sports equipment is on the chopping block more often than not.

Of course, sometimes things are just useless and can be thrown away. We are talking about broken items that serve no purpose and only take up space. These are definitely already considered garbage. Only in process of preparing for downsizing are they found and dealt with. We recommend you do your best to try and recycle them. Not only is it good for the environment, but you might also earn a small amount of money that way!


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Donating to a charity is a good option

Finally, you can also give it away to some of the many Tennessee charities. Giving to charities is not only a good thing to do all around but also a good way to quickly downsize. Charities mostly seek clothes and toys, but will pretty much take anything you can give them that is not broken. Try calling your local charities for information on how to do this.

To sum it up

Be it that you are moving a long distance in Tennessee from within the state or moving into it, we hope that our article has done its job well in explaining how you are to prepare for such a trip. Long-distance relocations are not rare, but they are also not simple, and therefore require a lot of work to be successful. With our tips, you will be on your way to make long distance Tennessee relocation a success! Just remember to plan everything in advance, to deal with only the licensed movers, to pack well and downsize on time. Good luck!

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