Things to do in Columbia TN after the move

Planning is such a smart thing to do when you are about to relocate. And you will surely have to plan well everything about the moving. We strongly suggest you hire a professional moving company to help you. Look for the movers in Nashville area if that is where you are living now. A reliable company will make it all so much easier. Once you relocate, you can start thinking about things to do in Columbia TN after the move. And we will give you some ideas on that, too.

How to find reliable movers?

After you decide to move, you will understand how many things you have to do and that you will have to do it all while your regular life and obligations continue. So having help is crucial in the moving period. It is even better if you have professionals on your side. But it is tricky these days to choose a reliable moving company. And the best would be to have someone who can recommend you a reliable company. But if this is not the case (and often it isn’t), search for movers Columbia TN has to offer.

moving company men
It can be tricky to find a reliable moving company.

It is even better to look for the specific service you need and the state where you are going to live next. So one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies can be just the thing you are looking for. When you are about to choose the company, go to their website, read all you can find about them and for how long they are on the market. Then, read all the reviews that other people have left because they can show you the way they treat their customers. Ask for a free estimate and compare at least three quotes from different companies before you sign the deal.

What are the things to do in Columbia TN after the move?

So after you relocate, you will have to unpack and place all your belongings in your new home. While you are doing that, it may happen that you find some pieces that you don’t want to give or throw, but still, don’t use regularly and you just can’t find the place for them. If this is the case, you can think of renting one of the storage units Kingston Springs TN or whenever your new home is. And we will offer you now some more things to do in Columbia TN after the move.

Man thinking about things to do in Columbia TN after the move
There are plenty of things to do in Columbia TN after the move.

Living in Columbia

Columbia is a small town placed only 45 miles south of Nashville, TN. It has a vibrant historical downtown that offers a live music scene. The main street is full of vintage shops and restaurants with a locally sourced menu. You will find there a lot of national landmarks and also funky artworks you will enjoy in the new Columbia Arts District. The part of Columbia’s culture is their famous hospitality and pride and you will have many chances to enjoy it, for sure. Museums, churches, parks, and the marketplace are some historical attractions that you will be able to visit on a regular basis. So you will have many regular things to enjoy just where you are. And now, we will number some more things that you can plan to visit.

Chickasaw Trace County Park

This beautiful place covers 300 acres and is best known for its hiking and mountain biking trails. In 1992, the Director of Parks and Recreation wanted to build a trail to accommodate mountain bikers and hikers. So 8.5 miles of single loop track is then added to the park, some for beginners and also for expert riders. The first part which is 3.5 miles long is pretty flat. And then, the rest of the 5 miles is much more difficult and it is called the “Trail of Tears”.

President’s James K. Polk Home and Museum

The wonderful museum honors the late President James Polk who was the 11th President of the United States and his home in Columbia is the only surviving private residence of him. In 1961 that became National Historic Landmark. The father of James Polk built this house in 1816 and President lived there for six years on and off. You can visit the museum and take a guided tour.

Bleu 32 Vintage Marketplace

This market opened in 2015 right outside of downtown Columbia. A year later, the Marketplace was moved into the building that was formerly JC Penney. This historical building was much bigger. But it needed renovation. Nine months after the opening, they added 5,000 more square feet and also a restaurant as well as 25 additional vendors. They are either talented artists or vintage dealers.

Pryor Art Gallery

This art gallery is located on the campus of Columbia State Community College. It is named for LaRue V. Pryor. This place was dedicated to the development, design, stimulating programs, and also exhibitions as well as so much more. It is envisioned to be the place for community members in this region. All year long it has an exhibit schedule. This place is open to the public and there is no charge for admission.

Paintings in the gallery
Visit Pryor Art Gallery.

Do you now know what are the things to do in Columbia TN after the move?

We listed for you some things to do in Columbia TN after the move. So we do hope that now after you’ve read this article, are ready to start enjoying your new area. As you can see, there is a lot to do. And whatever your preferences are, we are sure you’ll find the right fit for you. We would love to encourage you to continue to explore your new place and all that is fun and you can do there. It is pretty clear that you will have a lot to do and a lot to learn about. Our last wish is to enjoy it all: the journey and your new life in Columbia.

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