Tips for moving to Nashville from Columbia

If you are moving to Nashville from Columbia, you are not the only one. Nashville has become something of a shining beacon attracting a lot of people towards itself. There are a lot of benefits that Naschille can offer to newcomers to if the Tennessee largest city, and there are a lot of those who are ready to test these benefits for themselves. Therefore, we are writing these guidelines on how one should move from Columbia to the city of Nashville to help you on your way! We are going to be explaining everything you need to know! From exactly what you can expect in the city of Nashville itself, to what kind of preparation you will need to see this relocation to a successful conclusion!

First off, we are going to cover what you can expect in Nashville and how to prepare for the change!

keys inside a lock
How to prepare for the change that the move brings?

What to expect in Nashville?

So, before we talk about moving to Nashville from Columbia, we should first talk about what to expect after movers Nashville TN relocate you to the Country Music Capital

The city is both capital of the state and the most populous city in the state, both of which are, we are sure, no news for you. What you might not have known is that it is also the 23rd most populous city in the whole of the United States, with around 2 million people living in the metro area. And that number is steadily increasing due to the attractive Nashville housing market which is considered to be one of the most stable in the country. It grows by almost 100 people a day!

Now, let’s talk about the biggest points of moving to Nashville:

  • Economy – The city has long held a proud place in the manufacturing industry, and is pretty big in the industry now as well, as it is a big center for the automotive industry. Nashville is also home to country music, and therefore home to many major music recording centers. It is also strong in insurance, finance, and publishing, as well as the aforementioned housing market.
  • Education – If you are moving with kids to Nashville, you will find that there are 169 schools serviced by Metropolitan Nashville Public schools. There are also around 15 000 students that are going to numerous public schools. Furthermore, you will find many universities, as well as four historically black institutions of higher education.
  • Culture – Nashville is proud of its vibrant culture, especially in music and entertainment. After moving to Nashville from Columbia you will found many theaters and a lot of country music performances. Concerts on the open are common, and you should definitely see one after you are done with movers Spring Hill TN.

How will moving to Nashville from Columbia look like?

If you are going to be moving from Columbia to Nashville via movers Columbia TN, you will need to prepare. First of all, what kind of a move are we talking about? Well, via I-65S you will be arriving by car to Nashville in about 47 minutes, which is a 46-mile route. This is generally considered to be a local relocation. This matters since it makes the whole movie quite a bit cheaper since the volume and weight of the items don’t play that much into the relocation price. This means that you have less need for downsizing and more of a budget for any special, additional services you want your movers to perform. The average price of a local relocation is around 700 to 1000 dollars.

COUPLE preparing for a move
If you plan to relocate, you should do it with good movers.

What movers will move you there?

If you are to move from Columbia TN to Nashville, you should do it with good movers. How to quickly assert if the mover is worth your time? First, check if they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If the mover is registered, you get certain guarantees. These cover quality and billing. Furthermore, make sure your movers are well-reviewed. You can do this by visiting any reviewing platform that hosts movers. Yelp, Google, and Facebook are all good options. Here you can see the experiences of previous clients. Finally, with the few that remain after these criteria are applied, ask for free estimates. That should give you the idea of the final bill, and of course, help you pick the most affordable one!

Let’s talk about packing

If you are going to move to Nashville, you will also need to pack with or without the help of Tennessee long distance moving companies. There are generally these two options. Eather you will turn to DIY packing, or you will seek the help of a professional. The help is pretty useful since they will take care of the packing material and all of the packing. However, this will also count more, since it is an additional expense. However, you can also do it by yourself fairly easily but will need to take time (but most often not a lot of money) to get packing supplies and pack all the items you own.

If you are doing the second option, here are a few tips. Always use the box of an appropriate size. Don’t put two items into one box and don’t make the box too tight or too big. The items should have some breathing room, so to speak, that should be filled with any type of cushioning material. Oh, and don’t stack the boxes that are heavier on top of the lighter ones. You will risk damage!

Moving boxes
Always use the box of an appropriate size.

In summary

So, we have come to the end of our guide for moving to Nashville from Columbia. Hopefully, we have covered all the information you needed to know if you intend on moving from Columbia Tn to Nashville. However, if you find yourself in a hurry, and we are well aware many people often move on last notice, here you will find something of a summary. Make sure you plan immediately, even if you are already past the 8-week mark. Find good movers registered with the FMCSA. Furthermore, make sure that you calculate the cost of the move and that you set the budget. And don’t forget about packing! Good luck!

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