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Press any key on the piano and you will get a beautiful, unique sound. But try moving the piano on your own and you will probably get an instant headache. That’s why it’s best to call professional piano movers Nashville residents love! And Big Heart Moving Company in Nashville Area is here to help you relocate your precious instrument at any time. All you need to do is contact us and schedule your piano move with us.

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We are piano movers Nashville residents said yes to

If you are searching for the reliable piano moving services Nashville – search no more, Big Heart Moving is here for you. We are piano movers Nashville residents said yes to many times before. As you know, the piano has a very sensitive mechanism, as well as even greater intangible and sentimental value. That’s why it may be smarter to leave all the heavy lifting to our professionals.

Pianos are divided into 3 types according to their purpose and weight:

Upright piano.

This is a smaller piano for home use with the purpose of saving space.

Grand piano.

Used in concert halls. It has a length of about 2.5m and weighs over 400kg. That’s why it’s almost impossible to move it on your own.

Digital piano.

In basics, it looks very like an upright piano, but how they produce their sound is very different.

Your piano is safe with us

If you’re trying to move the upright piano, you just may know how to dismantle a piano on your own. However, it’s not the safest thing you can do if you’re not a professional as you may damage your piano. Also, moving a grand piano is a completely different story. Just know that our piano movers from the Nashville area will know how to move your instrument in the right way.

Do keep in mind that the piano is not a toy. It is an expensive and very sensitive device and improper loading can damage the piano, as well as walls, doors, floor, etc. The worst that can happen is that someone gets hurt. It is also important to check whether the piano can physically reach the space you want, ie whether it can pass through a door, a narrow corridor and whether it can be placed in the position you want. It’s best to leave the piano relocation to professionals. And our team has the necessary knowledge, experience, technique as well as equipment for successful and carefree piano relocation, and so far we have relocated more than 100 pianos of various sizes and weights.

Moving the piano is done in several steps:

Clients’ needs are our number one priority

Given the fragility of the piano, the fact that it consists of a large number of parts, as well as the great monetary and emotional value that pianos have for our clients, we know that it is difficult to decide who to entrust this job to. Many years of experience in moving all types of sensitive goods, has led us to put at your disposal the possibility of moving pianos of all sizes and shapes.

We have been successfully transporting pianos locally or abroad for some time now. We can move your piano at any time of the year (loading, transport and unloading), so it fits into your moving schedule. As you may know, in order to successfully move the piano, you need experienced and capable workers, which our company has after many years of practice. In addition to skilled workers, the crucial thing for the successful transport of special types of cargo, including piano, is reliable equipment. And we have it all (floor belts, flat skate carts), as well as modern vehicles that will safely transport the piano to Nashville.


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"Best Moving company ever! They provided outstanding value for me and mt family.. Highly recommend!"
Big H.
Downtown, Nashville-Davidson TN
"Excellent job! Efficient and careful with our items! Not a scratch on anything, including our walls."
Michael F.
Centerville, TN
"Very well rounded moving company. Great price, great service, and great attitudes. Would definitely recommend and will continue to use for my moves in the future."
G D.
San Francisco, CA
"These guys are awesome!! I have used them several times before. They ALWAYS do a FANTASTIC job!! Highly highly recommended"
Faith J.
Clarksville, TN

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Our advantage is the fact that we have been doing in the moving business for a long time. We have all the necessary equipment for securing and transporting pianos, as well as specialized vehicles for their transport. Besides, you can always check our free estimate – no obligation whatsoever! Before any transport, our colleague checks whether it is even possible to move the piano ie. whether the piano can pass through all the rooms. We promise that our workers are professional and our services are available at the time that suits you. For all additional information regarding the transport itself, the necessary preparations – simply call 615-815-4866 – we are here for you.